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Why SpeedProjects
SpeedProjects is an easy-to-use online storage service. It lets you set up secure projects to share files and other information with your clients, vendors or subcontractors.

Save Time
  • Keep your latest files in one place
  • Faster than mailing a CD
  • More reliable than email attachments
  • Easier to use than FTP software
  • Fax files to several numbers at once
Save Money
  • No software to buy and maintain
  • No more burning and mailing CDs
  • No more long distance fax charges
Deliver Better Results
  • Look more professional
  • Make more revisions before your deadline
  • Spend more time on productive work
Because SpeedProjects works through a web browser, it is simple and intuitive, plus there is no software to install. SpeedProjects is accessible anytime from anywhere you have Internet access.

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Case Studies
Media Production

Kate Ertmann Animation Dynamics
Kate Ertmann, President and Executive Producer of Animation Dynamics, is also Co-President of the Oregon more >
Wayne Paige Digital Wave
Wayne Paige, founder of Digital Wave, has been honored as a videographer several times by the Rocky more >
Sales & Distribution

Doug Garnett Atomic Direct
Doug Garnett, President of Atomic Direct, also teaches advertising at the Portland State University more >
Brian Griffin North Sports
Brian Griffin is the Chief Financial Officer of North Sports, the largest distributor of windsurfing more >

Bill Uhlman Eastern Oregon Support Services Brokerage
Bill Uhlman is Executive Director of the Eastern Oregon Support Services Brokerage. It is a Medicaid more >
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