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For Immediate Release
SpeedProjects Founder To Present Company at Oregon Entrepreneurs Forum Meeting in Bend
Secure Project-Based File Sharing and Internet Fax Service Manages Electronic Files and Related Information
Bend, Oregon. September 1, 2005. Chris Tsongas, President of SpeedProjects, Inc., will introduce his business to the Oregon Entrepreneurs Forum (OEF) at its September 8, 2005 PubTalk meeting in Bend, Oregon. SpeedProjects provides a secure project-based file sharing and Internet fax service that is designed to manage large numbers of files, including the big files generated by sophisticated software applications.

SpeedProjects solves a fundamental challenge faced by businesses that need to share files with clients, vendors or sub-contractors. The service allows virtual teams to securely share electronic files and send Internet faxes via an intuitive web browser interface that is easy to use. SpeedProjects is ideally suited to operations that are geographically diverse and need to distribute large numbers of files, or that work with big electronic files such as video clips or print jobs.

The service is currently used by clients including Animation Dynamics, Digital Wave and Atomic Direct, all based in Portland, Oregon; North Sports, Hood River, Oregon; and the Medicaid-funded Eastern Oregon Support Services Brokerage.

SpeedProjects improves on the collaboration tools that now dominate this market segment, such as the AOL® Xdrive™ service and Microsoft® SharePoint™ software. These solutions merely provide disk storage space, or are expensive and complicated. Tsongas’ service starts at $19.95 per month, requires no software installation or plug-ins, and offers convenient features such as generating thumbnails of images and sending automatic email notifications of file transfers.

Tsongas’ early stage company presentation is intended to attract advisors in sales, marketing and accounting to help with management and strategic planning. The OEF meeting will convene at McMenamin’s Old St. Francis School in downtown Bend at 5:30 PM. For more information about the meeting, contact Jennifer Houston of Economic Development for Central Oregon at (541) 388-3236 or jennifer@edforco.org.
About Chris Tsongas
Chris Tsongas, President of SpeedProjects, Inc., brings a rich background in media and technology to his organization. Tsongas has 15 years of experience in media production, including creating visual effects for Sony Pictures in Los Angeles, and working on web sites for companies such as Nike. He previously founded Tsongas.net, a web site development and hosting firm that currently serves more than 40 clients. Tsongas earned a B.S. in Computer Science from Willamette University, and an M.F.A. in Computer Animation from the University of Southern California (USC).
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SpeedProjects, Inc. was incorporated in April 2005. For more information, contact Chris Tsongas at (503) 709-6445, via email at , or visit https://www.speedprojects.net.
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