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Company History
SpeedProjects started as part of founder Chris Tsongas's web hosting business. Several hosting clients needed an easy way to transfer files that were too big to email, and were frustrated with existing solutions like FTP sites. After adding a custom "client login" to several web sites, Chris's hosting company Tsongas.net released a standalone service called Share.Tsongas.Net in January of 2004. The new service could be used by any company, regardless of whether Tsongas.net hosted its web site.

Several of Tsongas.net's hosting clients started using the new service. One was North Sports, a distributor of windsurfing, kiteboarding, and other recreational equipment. North Sports still uses the service to send large print ad files and other promotional materials to a worldwide network of dealers. Another hosting client to adopt the new service was Image Graphics & Litho, a full-service printer that still uses it to receive print jobs from customers.

Before starting his web hosting business, Chris worked for ten years in the film industry. With extensive experience in visual effects, he knew the large files and numerous elements involved in post production would make his new service a natural for video and animation producers. Share.Tsongas.Net signed up new clients including Digital Wave, a full-service video production company, and Animation Dynamics, a producer of computer animation and visual effects.

Seeing the potential of this service, in April of 2005 Chris incorporated it as SpeedProjects, Inc. and began making steady improvements. The focus was on creating a service that would be powerful yet intuitive, and work through any web browser without the need to install software or plug-ins. Convenience features like automatic email notification of file uploads and downloads were added. SpeedProjects also developed back-end functionality to manage and sell accounts.

Currently, SpeedProjects is developing an outbound Internet fax feature that will allow files in any common format, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF, to be faxed to up to six numbers at once. The company has also found its first sales affiliate, Adaptive Computers, a computer store and wireless Internet service provider. Chris is an active member of the Oregon Entrepreneurs Forum, and is making full use of its resources to ensure this new service fulfills its potential.
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